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Teh Drink Grasshopper

The traditional minty dessert drink. Not for Girlscouts.


Drink Name Text Date
Neapolitan Shooter I made some educated guesses. So please correct me if I am wrong as I was unable to find the original on the site. 07-19-06
Acapulco Fizz Like a margarita but less work. Stirring isn't really required as the soda is carbonated well enough to mix for you. 07-11-06
Grasshopper I've also seen this served in the following glasses: Coffee Mug, Cordial (obviously halve the ingredients), Irish Coffee Cup, Parfait Glass (double the ingredients) and the Pousse Cafe Glass. A lot of this drink is in the presentation. 07-11-06
Flaming Dr. Pepper It cannot be stressed enough how careful you need to be with flaming drinks. Do not attempt anything like this while drunk. 07-11-06
Mint Julep As mentioned by jetsonian, wrong glass type. Should be served in an old fashioned or collins glass. 07-10-06
Bourbon County Cowboy This drink lightens the bourbon. If you're a serious bourbon drinker, you may wish to avoid this drink. If you are interested in getting more into bourbon this drink is for you. 07-10-06
Jager Bomb Its also more common (my opinion: better) to put in 1.5 oz of Jager. 07-09-06

Bar Name Text Date
Linda's Bar and Grill Bar with good atmosphere and decent drinks. They only make the jager bombs with half the can though. 07-09-06