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This grid lists all suggested ingredients that are currently waiting for approval.
Ingredient Name Type Sub-Type Description Proof Submitter
Bacardi Gold Rum Rum Gold and Dark An amber Bacardi rum. Quite smooth. 80 CanuckErrant
Phillips Root Beer Schnapps Liqueurs & Cordials Other It's a root beer flavoured schnapps. Not much to say there. Apparently made in Minnesota. 30 CanuckErrant
Elijah Craig 12-Year Old Bourbon Whiskey, Scotch, & Bourbon Bourbon 94 asveepay
Elijah Craig 18-Year Old Single-Barrel Bourbon Whiskey, Scotch, & Bourbon Bourbon 90 asveepay
TEJANO Tequila Reposado (rested) best bang for the reposado as far as cost and quality goes nice smooth and tasty 80 ruhepp
Timberjack Vodka --New Sub-Type (DEUSTCH), very well made wheat vodka round easy and good straight, plus the cost makes it a real good mixer 80 ruhepp
Timberjack vodka Vodka --New Sub-Type (German), Well rounded mouth feel with a smooth full body vodka style 80 ruhepp