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Bols Creme de Banana

Liqueurs & Cordials



The Following Drinks Contain Bols Creme de Banana
Name Type Description
After Sex Cocktail I just want to cuddle. Cuddle and drink.
Banana Cream Pie Cocktail As yummy as the pie. Please don't throw it at anyone and expect hilarious consequences.
Banana Split Cocktail Dig in to this delicious drink named for the classic ice cream creation.
Monkey Shine Cocktail Monkey Shine use 1oz Back Forest Devil, 1oz Creme Banana, 1oz lemon juice, 1.25oz peach juice then tonic to taste, stir, lemon peel
The Following Drinks Contain Liqueurs & Cordials - Banana
Name Type Description
Bananarama Cocktail This is a mellow, yellow drink that tastes like bananas. The only surprise here is how damn good it is.