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Ice 101 Peppermint Schnaaps

Liqueurs & Cordials



The Following Drinks Contain Ice 101 Peppermint Schnaaps
Name Type Description
Polar Ice Cap Shooter A minty blue shot that reminds you an icy ocean shore.
Slippery Cock Shooter A compliment to the Wet Pussy. This one goes down hard.
The Following Drinks Contain Liqueurs & Cordials - Mint
Name Type Description
Brooklyn Bridge Cocktail A bow to the bodega-studded neighborhoods over the bridge.
Dixie Dew Cocktail A cocktail consisting of Bourbon, Creme de Menthe (white) and Triple Sec
Grasshopper Cocktail The grasshopper is a distinctive-looking, minty, bright green cream-based drink.
Scotch Cooler Cocktail This is a minty Scotch drink.
Scotch Stinger Cocktail Take a class in minty mixology.
Screaming Nazi Shooter This goose-stepping shot is perfect for a hard night of drinking.
Snowshow Cocktail A cocktail consisting of Bourbon and Schnapps
Stinger Cocktail Brandy based cocktail with taste of mint.
Thin Mint Cocktail Tastes exactly what it sounds like. Plus calcium for strong bones!