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American Brandy

Brandy & Cognac

United States


The Following Drinks Contain American Brandy
Name Type Description
B and B Cocktail B and B is a type of cocktail, made from equal parts brandy and Benedictine. The brandy is floated on top of the Benedictine in a cordial glass without mixing.
Belfast Bomber Cocktail A cocktail consisting of equal parts Brandy and Baileys Irish Cream.
Between The Sheets Cocktail A rum cocktail consisting of brandy, rum and triple sec and juice (preferably lemon, but others can work)
Bull's Milk Cocktail Another brandy-based cocktail! And with a disgusting-sounding name to boot.
Sidecar Cocktail A brandy-based cocktail.
Sidecar Cocktail A sophisticated drink invented in Paris, perfect for black-tie affairs or relaxing by a fireplace.
Stinger Cocktail Brandy based cocktail with taste of mint.
Three Mile Island Cocktail Three Mile Island is a shaken cocktail mixed with ice before being strained into the class before being served.
The Following Drinks Contain Brandy & Cognac - United States
Name Type Description
Rattlesnake Shooter Make sure to use Wild Cherry Brandy.