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Whiskey, Scotch, & Bourbon



The Following Drinks Contain Bourbon
Name Type Description
Babylon Sour Cocktail This is a sour drink that can be served straight up or on the rocks.
Bourbon and Soda Cocktail Make your delicious bourbon fizz.
Bourbon and Sprite Cocktail Limey-lime fizzy-fizz. Bourbon!
Bourbon Breeze Cocktail This is the perfect bourbon drink for lounging by the seaside. Give it a try.
Bourbon County Cowboy Cocktail A Bourbon county cowboy is a cocktail made of Bourbon and light cream.
Bourbon Cream Float Cocktail This is a chocolatey, creamy bourbon drink.
Bourbon Godfather Cocktail I don't think the Don was a Southern dandy. Even if he was, this would be his drink.
Bourbon John Collins Cocktail This is the bourbon brother of the popular Scotch drink.
Bourbon Kiss Cocktail Also known as the bourbon chocolate martini. For serious chocolate addicts only.
Bourbon Kiss Cocktail Also known as the bourbon chocolate martini. For serious chocolate addicts only.
Bourbon Manhattan Cocktail For the sophisticated Southern dandy. Be a real gentleman and give one a try.
Dixie Dew Cocktail A cocktail consisting of Bourbon, Creme de Menthe (white) and Triple Sec
Manhattan Cocktail Think of it as a bourbon martini. Sorry James, you haven't cornered the market on classy cocktails.
Midnight Cowboy Cocktail A drink consisting of bourbon, rum and heavy cream
Mint Julep Cocktail The Mint Julep is a cocktail, distinctive to the southern U.S., and well-known as the official drink of the Kentucky Derby.
Old-Fashioned Cocktail A classic American cocktail.
Pseudo-Coke Cocktail Pseudo-Coke is a 3 parts equal mix of Vodka, Bourbon and Coke. The flavours of the Vodka and Bourbon cancel each other out making the drink takes just like Coke.
Snowshow Cocktail A cocktail consisting of Bourbon and Schnapps
The Following Drinks Contain Whiskey, Scotch, & Bourbon - Bourbon
Name Type Description
Beekman Place Cocktail The official drink of Beekman's World.
Three Wise Men Shooter The Three Wise Men should always be among the handful of friends you would want with you in the foxhole any given time. Jim Jack and Johnnie are poured in equal parts in a shot glass. They'll never abandon you, and are always great help to have around in times of trouble.