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Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Whiskey, Scotch, & Bourbon

Single Malt Scotch Whisky


The Following Drinks Contain Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Name Type Description
Blushing Scot Cocktail A rosy tint on this fine young lad.
BMW Cocktail The BMW is made up from Baileys, Malibu and Whiskey (Bells as an example). Ice can be added if you prefer although this is generally served from room temperature ingredients into a dry, room temperature glass. The result is a creamy drink with the slight burn of whiskey and a hint of coconut.
Bobby Burns Martini Cocktail A poet that know it. Knew it.
Cherry Rob Roy Cocktail The Italian maraschino liqueur used in this cocktail is made from Dalmation cherries and isn't as sweet as it sounds.
Dry Rob Roy Cocktail Dry Vermouth, more Scotch.
Fancy Scotch Cocktail This is a sweet scotch for fancy lads that can't take bitter drinks.
Godfather Cocktail A drink you can't refuse.
Hole In One Cocktail Drink it on the 19th hole. Goes in the 20th hole. Er, that is, your mouth.
Irish Rusty Nail Cocktail Irish Whiskey replaces the usual Drambuie.
John Collins Cocktail The Scottish cousin of Tom Collins
Miami Beach Cocktail Cocktail Packed full of grapefruit goodness.
Perfect Rob Roy Cocktail A story of twin vermouths.
Rob Roy Cocktail Invented in New York during the Gilded Age. A true classic.
Rusty Nail Cocktail This is how you fit two Scots into a glass.
Scitalina Cocktail This is how you mame Scots and Italians get along.
Scotch Ale Cocktail The drink version of the red-headed chick from Gilligan's Island but, you know, Scottish.
Scotch and Soda Cocktail This is Scotch mixed with soda. No surprises there.
Scotch Blossom Cocktail Three times the delicious orange flavor.
Scotch Business-Casual Cocktail A simple combination that is as tasty as it is fun.
Scotch by the Pool Cocktail This is a Scotch drink that you drink by the pool. Yup.
Scotch Cablegram Cocktail This is a good drink. Stop. You should drink it and make it. Stop. See what I did there? Stop.
Scotch Cider Cocktail Drop this off at your teacher's desk for extra credit.
Scotch Cooler Cocktail This is a minty Scotch drink.
Scotch Gimlet Cocktail This is a Scotch variant of the classic gin drink.
Scotch Highball Cocktail Sparkle sparkle!
Scotch Irish Shillelagh Cocktail Named after an oaken cudgel or club historically used for beating people. Remember this when drinking this.
Scotch Milk Punch Cocktail Goes great with chocolate chip cookies.
Scotch Mist Cocktail Straight up Scotch with a ton of ice. Great for sippin' after hours.
Scotch Old-Fashioned Cocktail One of the fruitiest, sweetest Scotch drinks you'll find.
Scotch On The Grill Cocktail Heat up the coals and throw it on next to the burgers.
Scotch On The Rocks Cocktail Naked whiskey. All of its goodies are laid bare.
Scotch Rickey Cocktail A zesty summer day Scotch drink.
Scotch Sour Cocktail This drink is a sour cherry delight that can also be served in an old-fashioned glass on the rocks.
Scotch Stinger Cocktail Take a class in minty mixology.
Scotch Street Cocktail A couple of blocks down from Easy Street.
Summer Blossom Cocktail A blood orange bloomer.
Summer Scotch Cocktail Cocktail Graced with grapefruit juice and vermouth.
Tipperary Scotch Cocktail Cocktail The original Tipperary calls for Irish whiskey.
The Following Drinks Contain Whiskey, Scotch, & Bourbon - Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Name Type Description
Benson Express Cocktail Don't be late.
Ogdon Special Cocktail Not to be confused with Nanny Ogg.