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Russian Vodka




The Following Drinks Contain Russian Vodka
Name Type Description
Abra Cadabra Cocktail Tastes best while listening to 'Hocus Pocus' by Moving Waves. This is a sweet and fruity vodka cocktail.
Adios Motherfucker Cocktail An Adios Motherfucker (sometimes called an Adios) is a mixture of 5 types of alcohol; gin, tequila, vodka, light rum, and blue curacao. Padded out with sweet & sour mix, sprite, and topped with a cherry.
Alpine Sunset Cocktail While this drink's name conjures images of frosty vistas, it actually is a warm orangey-pink color due to the Campari and peach.
Ambrosia Cocktail Fruity and rich, this is the drinks of the gods.
Anna Karenina Cocktail This spritely drink is named for the classic doomed heroine.
Banana Split Cocktail Dig in to this delicious drink named for the classic ice cream creation.
Bananarama Cocktail This is a mellow, yellow drink that tastes like bananas. The only surprise here is how damn good it is.
Birth of Venus Cocktail Sensual, like Botticelli's painting of the same name. A real beauty.
Black Russian Cocktail Flavored with Kahlua or Tia Maria, this is the evil twin of the classic milk and vodka drink.
Bloody Bullshot Cocktail The tomato juice and alcohol can help you through a hangover in the morning. Be careful not to drink too much when using this treatment.
Cosmopolitan Cocktail The cosmopolitan is a classic drink, albeit a rather girly looking one. Don't be fooled, it packs a decent punch, just make sure you're ready to be seen at a bar with a pink drink.
Cosmopolitan Cocktail This Cosmo variant uses grapefruit juice instead of cranberry juice. The juice still has some kick, but the flavor is more rounded and less pucker-inducing than cranberry... and it might look slightly less girly.
Cup o' Douche Cocktail Crushed Ice, vodka, 7-up and a splash of grenadine. Also known as "Douche Water on Ice." Don't be a douche, try it out.
Jello Shot Shooter Alcoholic jello? Bill Cosby loves it! Served in a convenient single shot for easy slurpin'. Note: Be creative! Using tequila and lime makes a great margarita. Orange and vodka is a sweet screwdriver. Everclear and mixed fruit? Some kind of Jungle Juice I guess.
Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail A Long Island Iced Tea is a cocktail made with, among other ingredients, vodka, gin, and rum. A popular variation mixes vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec, and sweetened lime juice with Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or a similar soda.
Mind Eraser Shooter Tasty shooter that does just what it claims, but you have to drink it all at once-if you stop in the middle you'll be in pain!
Moscow Mule Cocktail The drink responsible for kicking off the vodka craze in America in the 50's. Refreshing like a Limeade with a slight bite.
Red Arctic Punch An icy and refreshing strawberry flavoured cocktail.
Sex On The Beach Cocktail An awesome cocktail made of vodka and peach schnapps, tasting of summer and beaches (but in a good way)
Soviet Cluster Bomb Beer Based Drink A Soviet Cluster Bomb resembles an Irish Car Bomb, but tends more towards booze from the continent. These get you drunk fairly quickly, since it's like drinking two beers at once.
White Russian Cocktail The classic consisting of vodka, coffee liquor and milk.
The Following Drinks Contain Vodka - Russian
Name Type Description
Bald Pussy Cocktail It's mighty cold down here.
Kamikaze Shooter Smooth and fruity, the kamikaze goes down easily. A simple shot, perfect for a warm summer afternoon or night, although it need not be confined to just one season.
Raspberry Popsicle Frozen Drink This fruity slush is great to lick on a hot summer day.
Twisted Sister Cocktail Raspberry Vodka Lemonade Splash of cola
wild berry fizz Cocktail 3/4 stoli blackberry 3/4 stoli blueberry splash of cran top off with club