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Bacardi Light Rum


White Rums


BACARDI Carta Blanca is the world's great brand of rum. It is classic BACARDI rum, the soul of the BACARDI brand - youthful, high-quality, sociable, sensual and passionate.

The Following Drinks Contain Bacardi Light Rum
Name Type Description
Bull's Milk Cocktail Another brandy-based cocktail! And with a disgusting-sounding name to boot.
Mojito Cocktail A minty and sweet drink for any occassion. Perfect first date drink or for beach sippin'.
The Following Drinks Contain Rum - White Rums
Name Type Description
Adios Motherfucker Cocktail An Adios Motherfucker (sometimes called an Adios) is a mixture of 5 types of alcohol; gin, tequila, vodka, light rum, and blue curacao. Padded out with sweet & sour mix, sprite, and topped with a cherry.
Almond Joy Cocktail The drink version of the popular candy bar is perfect to sate your sweet tooth.
Apple Pie Cocktail Nothing is more American. Well, maybe crying bald eagle t-shirts, but this is close.
Banana Cow Cocktail This shit is bananas. Bananas, milk, and sugar.
Banana Cream Pie Cocktail As yummy as the pie. Please don't throw it at anyone and expect hilarious consequences.
Bastard Child Cocktail Named from the offspring of Spanish sailors, c. 1492?
Between The Sheets Cocktail A rum cocktail consisting of brandy, rum and triple sec and juice (preferably lemon, but others can work)
Blind Kamikaze Cocktail More formidable than its vodka counterpart.
Blue Hawaiian Cocktail Don Ho's drink of choice.
Blue Hawaiian Liqueur & Cordial Don Ho's drink of choice.
Brooklyn Bridge Cocktail A bow to the bodega-studded neighborhoods over the bridge.
Pina Colada Cocktail No Caribbean vacation would be complete without this, the archetypal fruity rum drink. Don't forget your khakis and panama hat!
Scotch Irish Shillelagh Cocktail Named after an oaken cudgel or club historically used for beating people. Remember this when drinking this.