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Bacardi Dark Rum


Gold and Dark


Medium gold with an orange glow. Moderately light-bodied. Hint of sweetness. Reminiscent of flowers, apple, lemon, pecan. Fruity style with an elegant, refined texture. Light finish.

The Following Drinks Contain Bacardi Dark Rum
Name Type Description
Veteran Cocktail The Veteran, for me anyway, is an unusual cocktail that came to fame from Anthony Burgess' critically acclaimed novel 'A Clockwork Orange' and was drunk by Alex and his droogs. We have a four to one mix (2oz to 1/2oz) of dark rum and cherry brandy, creating a delicious warming cocktail with a hint of sweetness.
The Following Drinks Contain Rum - Gold and Dark
Name Type Description
Apple Fizz Cocktail A fizzy, sour apple drink for big kids.
Applesauce Cocktail This is a great autumn cocktail. Its main ingredient is applejack, a potent apple brandy of American origin.
Aztec Gold Cocktail With Cuervo Gold and rum.
Between The Sheets Cocktail A rum cocktail consisting of brandy, rum and triple sec and juice (preferably lemon, but others can work)
Candy Apple Cocktail A sour apple sweetened with cherry.
Dark and Stormy Cocktail The love of my life, and the 'official' drink of Bermuda. The Dark and Stormy is the perfect blend of island flavors and is guaranteed to add the 'island spirit' to any occasion! A mix Gosling's Blackseal rum and spicy ginger beer with a hint of lime...the recipe is quick and unfussy...perfect to keep you out of the kitchen and enjoying the sun, moon and balmy breezes. It's also ideal for those clumsy or inexperienced mixologists, with 3 ingreedients you can't go wrong!
Mai Tai Cocktail A potent, complex mixed drink made with light and dark rums, orgeat syrup, orange and lime juices and any other touches the bartender might add. It`s served over ice and garnished with a skewer of fresh fruit.
Midnight Cowboy Cocktail A drink consisting of bourbon, rum and heavy cream