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Grenadine is a blood-red, strong syrup made from pomegranates. It is needed for many cocktails to give it a sweet taste, as well as some color.

The Following Drinks Contain Grenadine
Name Type Description
After Sex Cocktail I just want to cuddle. Cuddle and drink.
Blushing Scot Cocktail A rosy tint on this fine young lad.
Brain Geyser Shooter This drink will blow your fucking mind. Actually, it just tastes really good.
Cherry Vodka Sour Cocktail A sweet and sour pink cocktail. Popular with girls who like something fruity.
Chocolate Covered Cherry Shooter A simple shot, that will drive the ladies crazy. It tastes just like the candy from where it steals its name. Also the shaking is very important. This drink needs to be cold.
Cup o' Douche Cocktail Crushed Ice, vodka, 7-up and a splash of grenadine. Also known as "Douche Water on Ice." Don't be a douche, try it out.
Shirley Temple Non-Alcoholic Great for the kids, or when you've had too much yourself.
Tequila Sunrise Cocktail A fruity bit of tequila that's actually more fun before you drink it, due to the appearance that gives it its name.
Three Mile Island Cocktail Three Mile Island is a shaken cocktail mixed with ice before being strained into the class before being served.
The Following Drinks Contain Non Alcoholic - Juices
Name Type Description
Abra Cadabra Cocktail Tastes best while listening to 'Hocus Pocus' by Moving Waves. This is a sweet and fruity vodka cocktail.
Acapulco Fizz Cocktail A bubbly toast to the scenic resort.
Alabama Slammer Cocktail Down home driller.
Alien Excretion Shooter Alien Excretion is a sweet tasting drink that can be drank as a shooter or sipped as a cordial depending on how much pineapple juice is added. Can easily be prepared in a tall glass to be poured out for multiple shots when in a group. Sweet, yet smooth.
Alpine Sunset Cocktail While this drink's name conjures images of frosty vistas, it actually is a warm orangey-pink color due to the Campari and peach.
Ambrosia Cocktail Fruity and rich, this is the drinks of the gods.
Anna Karenina Cocktail This spritely drink is named for the classic doomed heroine.
Apple Martini Cocktail Girls love this sour delight.
Apricot Margarita Cocktail A delicious margarita twist with apricot brandy and Cointreau.
Artlantic Cocktail The Artlantic is a fine blend of spiced rum, amaretto and apple juice.
Aztec Gold Cocktail With Cuervo Gold and rum.
Bald Pussy Cocktail It's mighty cold down here.
Between The Sheets Cocktail A rum cocktail consisting of brandy, rum and triple sec and juice (preferably lemon, but others can work)
Between The Sheets Cocktail A rum cocktail consisting of brandy, rum and triple sec and juice (preferably lemon, but others can work)
Birth of Venus Cocktail Sensual, like Botticelli's painting of the same name. A real beauty.
Black Russian Cocktail Flavored with Kahlua or Tia Maria, this is the evil twin of the classic milk and vodka drink.
Bloody Bullshot Cocktail The tomato juice and alcohol can help you through a hangover in the morning. Be careful not to drink too much when using this treatment.
Bloody Mary Cocktail She's coming to get you...
Bourbon Breeze Cocktail This is the perfect bourbon drink for lounging by the seaside. Give it a try.
Candy Apple Cocktail A sour apple sweetened with cherry.
Caribou Lou Cocktail A fruity drink with a sensational kick. Brought to fame by the fine rapper Tech N9ne. Only drink if you've already given your keys to your designated driver, and are ready to deal with the consequences in the morning.
Cosmopolitan Cocktail The cosmopolitan is a classic drink, albeit a rather girly looking one. Don't be fooled, it packs a decent punch, just make sure you're ready to be seen at a bar with a pink drink.
Cosmopolitan Cocktail This Cosmo variant uses grapefruit juice instead of cranberry juice. The juice still has some kick, but the flavor is more rounded and less pucker-inducing than cranberry... and it might look slightly less girly.
French Martini Cocktail Extremely tasty and quite potent with it's full shot of vodka, absolute hit with girls but I secretely love it and make it at home or order it when I'm out all the time.
Grandma's Peach Pussy Shooter This is a pretty strong shooter with minimal alcohol taste. You just have to be brave enough to as for this by name at the bar.
Hole In One Cocktail Drink it on the 19th hole. Goes in the 20th hole. Er, that is, your mouth.
Kamikaze Shooter Smooth and fruity, the kamikaze goes down easily. A simple shot, perfect for a warm summer afternoon or night, although it need not be confined to just one season.
Kamikaze Shooter Smooth and fruity, the kamikaze goes down easily. A simple shot, perfect for a warm summer afternoon or night, although it need not be confined to just one season.
Lunchbox Beer Based Drink Bad beer turns into delicious like magic. Tastes surprisingly good, for being based on beer. Somehow, the OJ overpowers the rest of the flavoring. What's nice about this recipe is that the ratio is very flexible, so you can eyeball a pitcher pretty easily.
Margarita Cocktail The Margarita is one the most common tequila-based cocktails. It's sometimes served with the rim of the glass wet with lime juice, then lightly salted, though some insist that this is to mask the flavor of bad tequila.
Margarita Cocktail Variation on the Margarita. Very tasty.
Miami Beach Cocktail Cocktail Packed full of grapefruit goodness.
MOJO-ito Cocktail Those zany characters at Tim's (Hockessin, DE) are at it again, putting some "MOJO" in the Mojito.
Monkey Shine Cocktail Monkey Shine use 1oz Back Forest Devil, 1oz Creme Banana, 1oz lemon juice, 1.25oz peach juice then tonic to taste, stir, lemon peel
Moscow Mule Cocktail The drink responsible for kicking off the vodka craze in America in the 50's. Refreshing like a Limeade with a slight bite.
Pink Fingers Cocktail A sweet summertime drink that's perfect for cooling off after a hard day of work.
Purple Hooter Shooter Mix vodka, chambord, triple sec and lime juice. Prepare in pitcher. Serve to group. Repeat as necessary.
Raspberry Popsicle Frozen Drink This fruity slush is great to lick on a hot summer day.
Red Headed Slut Shooter She's a little dark, but damn, she's delicious.
Rum Cannonball Punch A sweet rum based drink. A favorite of Steve Zissou
Scotch Blossom Cocktail Three times the delicious orange flavor.
Scotch Gimlet Cocktail This is a Scotch variant of the classic gin drink.
Scotch Rickey Cocktail A zesty summer day Scotch drink.
Screwdriver Cocktail The healthy drink. Get your vitamin Cs!
Sex On The Beach Cocktail An awesome cocktail made of vodka and peach schnapps, tasting of summer and beaches (but in a good way)
Sex On The Beach Cocktail Always fun, but be careful. Sand and crabs are not welcome.
Sidecar Cocktail A brandy-based cocktail.
Sidecar Cocktail A sophisticated drink invented in Paris, perfect for black-tie affairs or relaxing by a fireplace.
Sparticus Shooter Over throw your own empire!
Summer Blossom Cocktail A blood orange bloomer.
Summer Scotch Cocktail Cocktail Graced with grapefruit juice and vermouth.
The Academic Cocktail Dr. Galliano and Prof. Orange are presiding over this class. Be sure to take notes.
The Alamo Cocktail An orangey drink to remember.
The Arthur Cocktail Camelot? Camelot. Camelot! It's only a model.
The Rupert Cocktail The Rupert is an ideal drink to make when you only have some cheap vodka. Preferably something that has a fake Russian name.
The Stoner Cocktail One shot Smirnoff Black Vodka Pink Lemonade Splash of cola
Tim's Lemonade Cocktail This was a delicious recipe that I found on card in Tim's Liquors in Hockessin, DE. It's very tasty and not too sweet.
Train Wreck Cocktail Girly drink that will kick your ass anyway.
Vodka Gimlet Cocktail This is a slightly sour drink that can be served either on the rocks in an old-fashioned glass, or straight up in a martini glass.
White Lady Cocktail This cocktail is a zesty, orangey mix that gives a hint of pine when a good gin is used.