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Creme de Menthe (Dark)

Liqueurs & Cordials



Dark Creme de Menthe is a dark green-colored mint liqueur. Its counterpart, light (or white) Creme de Menthe, tastes identical but is clear.

The Following Drinks Contain Creme de Menthe (Dark)
Name Type Description
Grasshopper Cocktail The grasshopper is a distinctive-looking, minty, bright green cream-based drink.
The Following Drinks Contain Liqueurs & Cordials - Mint
Name Type Description
Brooklyn Bridge Cocktail A bow to the bodega-studded neighborhoods over the bridge.
Dixie Dew Cocktail A cocktail consisting of Bourbon, Creme de Menthe (white) and Triple Sec
Polar Ice Cap Shooter A minty blue shot that reminds you an icy ocean shore.
Scotch Cooler Cocktail This is a minty Scotch drink.
Scotch Stinger Cocktail Take a class in minty mixology.
Screaming Nazi Shooter This goose-stepping shot is perfect for a hard night of drinking.
Slippery Cock Shooter A compliment to the Wet Pussy. This one goes down hard.
Snowshow Cocktail A cocktail consisting of Bourbon and Schnapps
Stinger Cocktail Brandy based cocktail with taste of mint.
Thin Mint Cocktail Tastes exactly what it sounds like. Plus calcium for strong bones!