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Apricot Brandy

Brandy & Cognac



The Following Drinks Contain Apricot Brandy
Name Type Description
Abra Cadabra Cocktail Tastes best while listening to 'Hocus Pocus' by Moving Waves. This is a sweet and fruity vodka cocktail.
Apricot Margarita Cocktail A delicious margarita twist with apricot brandy and Cointreau.
The Following Drinks Contain Brandy & Cognac - VS
Name Type Description
Between The Sheets Cocktail A rum cocktail consisting of brandy, rum and triple sec and juice (preferably lemon, but others can work)
Blue Monday Cocktail This is the whiskey version of the vodka classic. Now, can anyone tell me where my weekend went?
Scotch Cider Cocktail Drop this off at your teacher's desk for extra credit.