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Orange Slice


Fruit & Vegetables


The Following Drinks Contain Orange Slice
Name Type Description
Alpine Sunset Cocktail While this drink's name conjures images of frosty vistas, it actually is a warm orangey-pink color due to the Campari and peach.
Bourbon John Collins Cocktail This is the bourbon brother of the popular Scotch drink.
John Collins Cocktail The Scottish cousin of Tom Collins
Old-Fashioned Cocktail A classic American cocktail.
Scotch Old-Fashioned Cocktail One of the fruitiest, sweetest Scotch drinks you'll find.
Scotch Sour Cocktail This drink is a sour cherry delight that can also be served in an old-fashioned glass on the rocks.
Scotch Street Cocktail A couple of blocks down from Easy Street.
Shirley Temple Non-Alcoholic Great for the kids, or when you've had too much yourself.
The Following Drinks Contain Condiments - Fruit & Vegetables
Name Type Description
Adios Motherfucker Cocktail An Adios Motherfucker (sometimes called an Adios) is a mixture of 5 types of alcohol; gin, tequila, vodka, light rum, and blue curacao. Padded out with sweet & sour mix, sprite, and topped with a cherry.
Aloha Cocktail Hello with the flavor of coconut rum.
Amaretto Sour Cocktail A delicious and classic drink.
Anna Karenina Cocktail This spritely drink is named for the classic doomed heroine.
Apricot Margarita Cocktail A delicious margarita twist with apricot brandy and Cointreau.
Artlantic Cocktail The Artlantic is a fine blend of spiced rum, amaretto and apple juice.
Babylon Sour Cocktail This is a sour drink that can be served straight up or on the rocks.
Banana Cow Cocktail This shit is bananas. Bananas, milk, and sugar.
Banana Split Cocktail Dig in to this delicious drink named for the classic ice cream creation.
Blind Kamikaze Cocktail More formidable than its vodka counterpart.
Bloody Mary Cocktail She's coming to get you...
Blue Hawaiian Cocktail Don Ho's drink of choice.
Blue Hawaiian Liqueur & Cordial Don Ho's drink of choice.
Bobby Burns Martini Cocktail A poet that know it. Knew it.
Bourbon and Sprite Cocktail Limey-lime fizzy-fizz. Bourbon!
Brooklyn Bridge Cocktail A bow to the bodega-studded neighborhoods over the bridge.
Chocolate Cake Shooter A sweet drink that takes a little preparation, but the end result is absolutely delicious.
Dark and Stormy Cocktail The love of my life, and the 'official' drink of Bermuda. The Dark and Stormy is the perfect blend of island flavors and is guaranteed to add the 'island spirit' to any occasion! A mix Gosling's Blackseal rum and spicy ginger beer with a hint of lime...the recipe is quick and unfussy...perfect to keep you out of the kitchen and enjoying the sun, moon and balmy breezes. It's also ideal for those clumsy or inexperienced mixologists, with 3 ingreedients you can't go wrong!
Dry Rob Roy Cocktail Dry Vermouth, more Scotch.
French Martini Cocktail Extremely tasty and quite potent with it's full shot of vodka, absolute hit with girls but I secretely love it and make it at home or order it when I'm out all the time.
Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail A Long Island Iced Tea is a cocktail made with, among other ingredients, vodka, gin, and rum. A popular variation mixes vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec, and sweetened lime juice with Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or a similar soda.
Mojito Cocktail A minty and sweet drink for any occassion. Perfect first date drink or for beach sippin'.
MOJO-ito Cocktail Those zany characters at Tim's (Hockessin, DE) are at it again, putting some "MOJO" in the Mojito.
Perfect Rob Roy Cocktail A story of twin vermouths.
Pina Colada Cocktail No Caribbean vacation would be complete without this, the archetypal fruity rum drink. Don't forget your khakis and panama hat!
Raspberry Popsicle Frozen Drink This fruity slush is great to lick on a hot summer day.
Red Arctic Punch An icy and refreshing strawberry flavoured cocktail.
Scitalina Cocktail This is how you mame Scots and Italians get along.
Scotch Blossom Cocktail Three times the delicious orange flavor.
Scotch by the Pool Cocktail This is a Scotch drink that you drink by the pool. Yup.
Scotch Cider Cocktail Drop this off at your teacher's desk for extra credit.
Scotch Gimlet Cocktail This is a Scotch variant of the classic gin drink.
Scotch Highball Cocktail Sparkle sparkle!
Scotch Mist Cocktail Straight up Scotch with a ton of ice. Great for sippin' after hours.
Scotch On The Grill Cocktail Heat up the coals and throw it on next to the burgers.
Scotch Rickey Cocktail A zesty summer day Scotch drink.
Strawberry Blast Frozen Drink This is a delicious frozen drink made with fresh strawberries and vodka.
Summer Scotch Cocktail Cocktail Graced with grapefruit juice and vermouth.
The Alamo Cocktail An orangey drink to remember.
The Arthur Cocktail Camelot? Camelot. Camelot! It's only a model.
The Lion's Roar Shooter This drink will destroy even the king of beasts.
The Rupert Cocktail The Rupert is an ideal drink to make when you only have some cheap vodka. Preferably something that has a fake Russian name.