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Dry Vermouth

Wine & Champagne

Dessert, Fortified & Fruit Wines


Even though Vermouth is practically married to Gin, Vermouth is a fortified wine and not spirit. Because Vermouth is flavored with herbs, it is often not necessary to start out with fine wine. But some producers do use good quality wine as a base. It is made in as many different styles as there are producers.

The Following Drinks Contain Dry Vermouth
Name Type Description
Algonquin Cocktail Created by David Grinstead, a distinguished bartender that worked for The Four Seasons.
Bourbon Manhattan Cocktail For the sophisticated Southern dandy. Be a real gentleman and give one a try.
Miami Beach Cocktail Cocktail Packed full of grapefruit goodness.
Perfect Rob Roy Cocktail A story of twin vermouths.
Summer Scotch Cocktail Cocktail Graced with grapefruit juice and vermouth.
Vodka Martini Cocktail A classy drink for a man's man.
The Following Drinks Contain Wine & Champagne - Dessert, Fortified & Fruit Wines
Name Type Description
Ascot Cocktail You won't look like Fred from Scooby Doo.
Blackstone Cocktail No, this isn't a song by Guns n' Roses. Drink it up.
Bobby Burns Martini Cocktail A poet that know it. Knew it.
Cherry Rob Roy Cocktail The Italian maraschino liqueur used in this cocktail is made from Dalmation cherries and isn't as sweet as it sounds.
Classic Martini Cocktail The classic martini, a very common drink that every bartender should know how to make
Dry Rob Roy Cocktail Dry Vermouth, more Scotch.
Hole In One Cocktail Drink it on the 19th hole. Goes in the 20th hole. Er, that is, your mouth.
Manhattan Cocktail Think of it as a bourbon martini. Sorry James, you haven't cornered the market on classy cocktails.
Rob Roy Cocktail Invented in New York during the Gilded Age. A true classic.
Scotch On The Grill Cocktail Heat up the coals and throw it on next to the burgers.
Tipperary Scotch Cocktail Cocktail The original Tipperary calls for Irish whiskey.
Zaza Cocktail The ZaZa is a rather strong drink that is best served as an aperitif.