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Crown Royal

Whiskey, Scotch, & Bourbon

Canadian Whiskey


Crown Royal is a blended Canadian whisky, 40% alcohol (ethanol) by volume, 80 proof. It has a very smooth, sweet, almost sherry-like flavor. It is often mixed with another, usually non-alcoholic, beverage for added flavor such as the popular mixture of Crown Royal and Coca-Cola.

The Following Drinks Contain Crown Royal
Name Type Description
Backdraft Shooter A Backdraft is a concoction in which to be properly performed, you set fire to it (Warning: Fire Hazard). Goes down smooth but for all the 151.
Crown and Coke Cocktail A bit classier than your average whiskey and coke mix, Crown Royal somehow tastes just right when mixed with soda.
Duck Fart Shooter Duck Fart is a delicious shooter made from equal parts Crown Royal, Bailey's Irish Creme and Kahlua. To me it has a chocolate milk-like taste. I have tried substituting different brands and it doesn't taste the same. The brand of whiskey influences the taste so much that switching the brand usually changes the name of the drink.
Grandma's Peach Pussy Shooter This is a pretty strong shooter with minimal alcohol taste. You just have to be brave enough to as for this by name at the bar.
There Are No Other Drinks That Use Whiskey, Scotch, & Bourbon - Canadian Whiskey