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Southern Comfort

Liqueurs & Cordials



The Following Drinks Contain Southern Comfort
Name Type Description
Alabama Slammer Cocktail Down home driller.
Andromeda Cocktail Gin + 4 liqueurs = a rocket trip to the stars. Delicious!
Beekman Place Cocktail The official drink of Beekman's World.
Dirty Rootbeer Cocktail 2 shots rum, 1 shot Southern Comfort, 12oz can of root beer. Stir.
Rattlesnake Shooter Make sure to use Wild Cherry Brandy.
Scotch Street Cocktail A couple of blocks down from Easy Street.
The Following Drinks Contain Liqueurs & Cordials - Peach
Name Type Description
Abra Cadabra Cocktail Tastes best while listening to 'Hocus Pocus' by Moving Waves. This is a sweet and fruity vodka cocktail.
Alpine Sunset Cocktail While this drink's name conjures images of frosty vistas, it actually is a warm orangey-pink color due to the Campari and peach.
Blind Kamikaze Cocktail More formidable than its vodka counterpart.
Brain Geyser Shooter This drink will blow your fucking mind. Actually, it just tastes really good.
Grandma's Peach Pussy Shooter This is a pretty strong shooter with minimal alcohol taste. You just have to be brave enough to as for this by name at the bar.
Sex On The Beach Cocktail Always fun, but be careful. Sand and crabs are not welcome.