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Absolut Vodka




(Swedish), High quality vodka with a distinctive bottle.

The Following Drinks Contain Absolut Vodka
Name Type Description
After Sex Cocktail I just want to cuddle. Cuddle and drink.
Apple Martini Cocktail Girls love this sour delight.
Apple Martini Cocktail Girls love this sour delight.
Aztec Gold Cocktail With Cuervo Gold and rum.
Bald Pussy Cocktail It's mighty cold down here.
Bloody Mary Cocktail She's coming to get you...
Cherry Vodka Sour Cocktail A sweet and sour pink cocktail. Popular with girls who like something fruity.
Corrida Liqueur & Cordial 1 shot Absinthe Original 1 shot vodka (suggest Absolut, but you use your perfered vodka) 1 can of Redbull
French Martini Cocktail Extremely tasty and quite potent with it's full shot of vodka, absolute hit with girls but I secretely love it and make it at home or order it when I'm out all the time.
Purple Hooter Shooter Mix vodka, chambord, triple sec and lime juice. Prepare in pitcher. Serve to group. Repeat as necessary.
Screaming Orgasm Cocktail You have to work really hard for thsi one.
Screwdriver Cocktail The healthy drink. Get your vitamin Cs!
Sex On The Beach Cocktail Always fun, but be careful. Sand and crabs are not welcome.
The Following Drinks Contain Vodka - Swedish
Name Type Description
Raspberry Popsicle Frozen Drink This fruity slush is great to lick on a hot summer day.