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The Following Drinks Contain Water
Name Type Description
Jello Shot Shooter Alcoholic jello? Bill Cosby loves it! Served in a convenient single shot for easy slurpin'. Note: Be creative! Using tequila and lime makes a great margarita. Orange and vodka is a sweet screwdriver. Everclear and mixed fruit? Some kind of Jungle Juice I guess.
Mint Julep Cocktail The Mint Julep is a cocktail, distinctive to the southern U.S., and well-known as the official drink of the Kentucky Derby.
Scotch Old-Fashioned Cocktail One of the fruitiest, sweetest Scotch drinks you'll find.
The Following Drinks Contain Non Alcoholic - Other
Name Type Description
Abra Cadabra Cocktail Tastes best while listening to 'Hocus Pocus' by Moving Waves. This is a sweet and fruity vodka cocktail.
Acapulco Fizz Cocktail A bubbly toast to the scenic resort.
After The Rain Cocktail Silver droplets of great taste.
Alabama Slammer Cocktail Down home driller.
Algonquin Cocktail Created by David Grinstead, a distinguished bartender that worked for The Four Seasons.
Almond Joy Cocktail The drink version of the popular candy bar is perfect to sate your sweet tooth.
Aloha Cocktail Hello with the flavor of coconut rum.
Alpine Sunset Cocktail While this drink's name conjures images of frosty vistas, it actually is a warm orangey-pink color due to the Campari and peach.
Ambrosia Cocktail Fruity and rich, this is the drinks of the gods.
Andromeda Cocktail Gin + 4 liqueurs = a rocket trip to the stars. Delicious!
Angel's Breast Cocktail White, soft, and oh so silky smooth.
Anna Karenina Cocktail This spritely drink is named for the classic doomed heroine.
Apple Fizz Cocktail A fizzy, sour apple drink for big kids.
Apple Pie Cocktail Nothing is more American. Well, maybe crying bald eagle t-shirts, but this is close.
Apple Sour Cocktail Newton would rather have had this fall on his head. This can be enjoyed straight up or on the rocks.
Applesauce Cocktail This is a great autumn cocktail. Its main ingredient is applejack, a potent apple brandy of American origin.
Apricot Margarita Cocktail A delicious margarita twist with apricot brandy and Cointreau.
Archbishop Cocktail Bow down before the one you serve. At least the one that serves you this drink.
Ascot Cocktail You won't look like Fred from Scooby Doo.
Astor Place Cocktail The patron drink of the hip hangout.
Astoria Cocktail A jewel in the Queen's crown.
Athena Cocktail This creamy drink is a treat for even the greatest goddess.
Avenue B Cocktail Another creamy gin drink. You'll find that it run parallel with Avenue A
Aztec Gold Cocktail With Cuervo Gold and rum.
Babylon Sour Cocktail This is a sour drink that can be served straight up or on the rocks.
Banana Cow Cocktail This shit is bananas. Bananas, milk, and sugar.
Banana Cream Pie Cocktail As yummy as the pie. Please don't throw it at anyone and expect hilarious consequences.
Banana Split Cocktail Dig in to this delicious drink named for the classic ice cream creation.
Bananarama Cocktail This is a mellow, yellow drink that tastes like bananas. The only surprise here is how damn good it is.
Bastard Child Cocktail Named from the offspring of Spanish sailors, c. 1492?
Beekman Place Cocktail The official drink of Beekman's World.
Benson Express Cocktail Don't be late.
Birth of Venus Cocktail Sensual, like Botticelli's painting of the same name. A real beauty.
Black Rock Cocktail A berry cherry bourbon drink.
Black Russian Cocktail Flavored with Kahlua or Tia Maria, this is the evil twin of the classic milk and vodka drink.
Blackstone Cocktail No, this isn't a song by Guns n' Roses. Drink it up.
Blind Kamikaze Cocktail More formidable than its vodka counterpart.
Bloody Bullshot Cocktail The tomato juice and alcohol can help you through a hangover in the morning. Be careful not to drink too much when using this treatment.
Bloody Mary Cocktail She's coming to get you...
Blue Hawaiian Cocktail Don Ho's drink of choice.
Blue Hawaiian Liqueur & Cordial Don Ho's drink of choice.
Blue Monday Cocktail This is the whiskey version of the vodka classic. Now, can anyone tell me where my weekend went?
Blushing Scot Cocktail A rosy tint on this fine young lad.
Bourbon and Soda Cocktail Make your delicious bourbon fizz.
Bourbon and Sprite Cocktail Limey-lime fizzy-fizz. Bourbon!
Bourbon Breeze Cocktail This is the perfect bourbon drink for lounging by the seaside. Give it a try.
Bourbon Cream Float Cocktail This is a chocolatey, creamy bourbon drink.
Bourbon Godfather Cocktail I don't think the Don was a Southern dandy. Even if he was, this would be his drink.
Bourbon John Collins Cocktail This is the bourbon brother of the popular Scotch drink.
Bourbon Kiss Cocktail Also known as the bourbon chocolate martini. For serious chocolate addicts only.
Bourbon Kiss Cocktail Also known as the bourbon chocolate martini. For serious chocolate addicts only.
Bourbon Manhattan Cocktail For the sophisticated Southern dandy. Be a real gentleman and give one a try.
Brooklyn Bridge Cocktail A bow to the bodega-studded neighborhoods over the bridge.
Bubble Gum Cocktail It's a redish like or pinkish color.
Bull's Milk Cocktail Another brandy-based cocktail! And with a disgusting-sounding name to boot.
Candy Apple Cocktail A sour apple sweetened with cherry.
Cherry Vodka Sour Cocktail A sweet and sour pink cocktail. Popular with girls who like something fruity.
Chocolate Covered Cherry II Shooter Made this up on the spot during a drunken rampage. This WILL get you laid.
Colorado Bulldog Cocktail Known as a Paralyzer in Western Canada, this drink combines vodka (some use tequila instead), coffee liquer, milk, and Coca-Cola. Don't be weirded out by mixing pop and milk - think of it as an alcoholic Coke float!
Cup o' Douche Cocktail Crushed Ice, vodka, 7-up and a splash of grenadine. Also known as "Douche Water on Ice." Don't be a douche, try it out.
Flatliner Shooter It tastes like burning!
Godfather Cocktail A drink you can't refuse.
Grasshopper Cocktail The grasshopper is a distinctive-looking, minty, bright green cream-based drink.
Irish Rusty Nail Cocktail Irish Whiskey replaces the usual Drambuie.
Mai Tai Cocktail A potent, complex mixed drink made with light and dark rums, orgeat syrup, orange and lime juices and any other touches the bartender might add. It`s served over ice and garnished with a skewer of fresh fruit.
Midnight Cowboy Cocktail A drink consisting of bourbon, rum and heavy cream
MOJO-ito Cocktail Those zany characters at Tim's (Hockessin, DE) are at it again, putting some "MOJO" in the Mojito.
Neapolitan Shooter Shooter A layered drink created by Ray at Achewood.com
Ogdon Special Cocktail Not to be confused with Nanny Ogg.
Pina Colada Cocktail No Caribbean vacation would be complete without this, the archetypal fruity rum drink. Don't forget your khakis and panama hat!
Pink Fingers Cocktail A sweet summertime drink that's perfect for cooling off after a hard day of work.
Prarie Fire Shooter I'm a little biased about this one. Calling this shit in a shotglass is being generous. It's a shot of tequila with a healthy does of tabasco sauce on the top. This thing will wreak havoc on most peoples stomachs.
Raspberry Popsicle Frozen Drink This fruity slush is great to lick on a hot summer day.
Red Arctic Punch An icy and refreshing strawberry flavoured cocktail.
Rusty Nail Cocktail This is how you fit two Scots into a glass.
Scitalina Cocktail This is how you mame Scots and Italians get along.
Scotch Ale Cocktail The drink version of the red-headed chick from Gilligan's Island but, you know, Scottish.
Scotch Alexander Cocktail Rich and velvety enough for a czar.
Scotch and Soda Cocktail This is Scotch mixed with soda. No surprises there.
Scotch by the Pool Cocktail This is a Scotch drink that you drink by the pool. Yup.
Scotch Cablegram Cocktail This is a good drink. Stop. You should drink it and make it. Stop. See what I did there? Stop.
Scotch Cider Cocktail Drop this off at your teacher's desk for extra credit.
Scotch Cooler Cocktail This is a minty Scotch drink.
Scotch Gimlet Cocktail This is a Scotch variant of the classic gin drink.
Scotch Highball Cocktail Sparkle sparkle!
Scotch Irish Shillelagh Cocktail Named after an oaken cudgel or club historically used for beating people. Remember this when drinking this.
Scotch Milk Punch Cocktail Goes great with chocolate chip cookies.
Scotch Mist Cocktail Straight up Scotch with a ton of ice. Great for sippin' after hours.
Scotch On The Grill Cocktail Heat up the coals and throw it on next to the burgers.
Scotch On The Rocks Cocktail Naked whiskey. All of its goodies are laid bare.
Scotch Radke Cocktail A high-end, premium Scotch drink.
Scotch Sour Cocktail This drink is a sour cherry delight that can also be served in an old-fashioned glass on the rocks.
Scotch Stinger Cocktail Take a class in minty mixology.
Scotch Street Cocktail A couple of blocks down from Easy Street.
Screaming Orgasm Cocktail You have to work really hard for thsi one.
Strawberry Blast Frozen Drink This is a delicious frozen drink made with fresh strawberries and vodka.
Summer Scotch Cocktail Cocktail Graced with grapefruit juice and vermouth.
Tequila Sunrise Cocktail A fruity bit of tequila that's actually more fun before you drink it, due to the appearance that gives it its name.
The Academic Cocktail Dr. Galliano and Prof. Orange are presiding over this class. Be sure to take notes.
The Alamo Cocktail An orangey drink to remember.
The Arthur Cocktail Camelot? Camelot. Camelot! It's only a model.
The Stoner Cocktail One shot Smirnoff Black Vodka Pink Lemonade Splash of cola
Thin Mint Cocktail Tastes exactly what it sounds like. Plus calcium for strong bones!
Three Mile Island Cocktail Three Mile Island is a shaken cocktail mixed with ice before being strained into the class before being served.
Tim's Lemonade Cocktail This was a delicious recipe that I found on card in Tim's Liquors in Hockessin, DE. It's very tasty and not too sweet.
Tipperary Scotch Cocktail Cocktail The original Tipperary calls for Irish whiskey.
Train Wreck Cocktail Girly drink that will kick your ass anyway.
Twisted Sister Cocktail Raspberry Vodka Lemonade Splash of cola
Veteran Cocktail The Veteran, for me anyway, is an unusual cocktail that came to fame from Anthony Burgess' critically acclaimed novel 'A Clockwork Orange' and was drunk by Alex and his droogs. We have a four to one mix (2oz to 1/2oz) of dark rum and cherry brandy, creating a delicious warming cocktail with a hint of sweetness.
Vodka Martini Cocktail A classy drink for a man's man.
White Russian Cocktail The classic consisting of vodka, coffee liquor and milk.