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Jose Cuervo Tequila Gold


Joven Abocado (gold)


The Following Drinks Contain Jose Cuervo Tequila Gold
Name Type Description
Aztec Gold Cocktail With Cuervo Gold and rum.
Flatliner Shooter It tastes like burning!
Nazi Taco Shooter A punishing shot reserved for birthdays or any time you want to make your friends/ enemies hurt. It's like being trampled by a hoard of goose-stepping tortillas.
Prarie Fire Shooter I'm a little biased about this one. Calling this shit in a shotglass is being generous. It's a shot of tequila with a healthy does of tabasco sauce on the top. This thing will wreak havoc on most peoples stomachs.
Tequila Sunrise Cocktail A fruity bit of tequila that's actually more fun before you drink it, due to the appearance that gives it its name.
There Are No Other Drinks That Use Tequila - Joven Abocado (gold)