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Liqueurs & Cordials



The Following Drinks Contain Bitters
Name Type Description
Archbishop Cocktail Bow down before the one you serve. At least the one that serves you this drink.
Astor Place Cocktail The patron drink of the hip hangout.
Babylon Sour Cocktail This is a sour drink that can be served straight up or on the rocks.
Fancy Scotch Cocktail This is a sweet scotch for fancy lads that can't take bitter drinks.
Manhattan Cocktail Think of it as a bourbon martini. Sorry James, you haven't cornered the market on classy cocktails.
Rum Cannonball Punch A sweet rum based drink. A favorite of Steve Zissou
Scotch by the Pool Cocktail This is a Scotch drink that you drink by the pool. Yup.
Scotch Old-Fashioned Cocktail One of the fruitiest, sweetest Scotch drinks you'll find.
The Following Drinks Contain Liqueurs & Cordials - Bitters
Name Type Description
Alpine Sunset Cocktail While this drink's name conjures images of frosty vistas, it actually is a warm orangey-pink color due to the Campari and peach.
Ascot Cocktail You won't look like Fred from Scooby Doo.
Beekman Place Cocktail The official drink of Beekman's World.
Hole In One Cocktail Drink it on the 19th hole. Goes in the 20th hole. Er, that is, your mouth.
Old-Fashioned Cocktail A classic American cocktail.
Scotch On The Grill Cocktail Heat up the coals and throw it on next to the burgers.
Zaza Cocktail The ZaZa is a rather strong drink that is best served as an aperitif.