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Featured Drink: Jager Bomb
Cocktail submitted by TheCIASentMe
Rated 8 after 2 votes
Jagermeister and Redbull A lightly carbinated drink that tastes slightly of sweet licorice which contains caffeine and Taurine.
Make sure all ingredients are chilled before making.Pour a full can (8.3 oz) of Redbull into the Pint Glass. Add 1.5 oz of Jagermeister. Optional Steps:It is optional to pour the Jager in a shot glass and allow the drinker to drop the entire shotglass into the drink.I find lightly stirring the glass after adding the Jager improves the flavor by ensuring a better mix. Just be sure not to stir too hard or you may lose the carbination of the Red Bull

Serve In: Pint Glass

  1. Jagermeister, 1 jigger(s)
  2. Red Bull, 8.3 oz.
Alcohol Content
Roughly 5.36% or 10.71 proof
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