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Introducing the Drink Log!
Sunday 2nd of July 2006

Chris Hoopes

Welcome dear DrinkingBuddy.org visitors! What you see before you is a test run of an exciting new feature, the Drink Log!

The Drink Log is intended to be our way of delivering the latest in drinking news and techniques right into your drunken little hands. Some of the topics we intend to cover include:

  • Drink reviews and suggestions
  • Alcohol reviews and recommended mixing recipes
  • Bar reviews and night-out tips
  • Party tips
  • Drink review

We're also looking for contributers. If you know drinks and you've got something to say, please contact me, the webmaster at chris at drinkingbuddy.org.

We'll be getting this ball rolling real soon so check back regularly for updates. Have fun and happy drinking!

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Dustin (07-11-06)

Imma angel now!

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