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Mint Julep

Cocktail submitted by Aurochs on 01-14-06

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The Mint Julep is a cocktail, distinctive to the southern U.S., and well-known as the official drink of the Kentucky Derby.

 Servings: 1  Change
 Bourbon, 4 oz.
 Sugar, 1 tsp.
 Mint, 6 other
 Water, 2 tsp.

In a small bowl or glass muddle the mint leaves, sugar, and water. Once the sugar is well dissolved, and the mixture has a good mint smell, stir in the bourbon. Pack a separate cup with crushed ice. Strain the bourbon mixture into the cup with the ice.

Garnish with mint leaves

Serve InGlass ImageCocktail/Martini Glass
Alcohol ContentRoughly 35.71% or 71.43 proof
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Buddy Imagejetsonian (03-02-06)

You don't serve a Mint Julep in a cocktail glass. How are you supposed to pour it over ice in a cocktail glass?

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Buddy ImageTheCIASentMe (07-10-06)

As mentioned by jetsonian, wrong glass type. Should be served in an old fashioned or collins glass.

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Buddy Imagephrak (05-11-07)

If you have the time, heat the water and sugar to make a simple syrup. It will thicken the drink a little and make it slightly sweeter.