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Beer Based Drink submitted by Coco13 on 01-01-06

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Bad beer turns into delicious like magic. Tastes surprisingly good, for being based on beer. Somehow, the OJ overpowers the rest of the flavoring. What's nice about this recipe is that the ratio is very flexible, so you can eyeball a pitcher pretty easily.

 Servings: 1  Change
 Light Beer, 12 oz.
 Amaretto, 1 shot(s)
 Orange Juice, 2 shot(s)

For each 12 oz serving of beer, use 1 shot of armaretto and 2 shots (roughly) of orange juice.

Serve InGlass ImageDoes Not Matter
Alcohol ContentRoughly 6.18% or 12.36 proof
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Buddy ImageShredder (03-03-06)

I love these, they taste kinda like twinkies if you mix em right.