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Bob Marley

Shooter submitted by GWBBQ on 10-12-06

Drink has not yet been rated Teh ratingz.

A layered tri-color drink. It will taste sweet, spicy, and herbal wihtout any of the flavors being overpowering.

 Servings: 1  Change
 Midori, 0.5 shot(s)
 Goldschlager, 0.5 shot(s)
 Jagermeister, 0.5 shot(s)

Pour half a shot of Midori into a short glass, add half a shot of Goldschlager poured down the side of a knife for the middle layer, then pour half a shot of Jägermeister down the side of a knife to form the top layer. Look at it from the side, toast with your friends, and drink like a normal shot.

Serve InGlass ImageDoes Not Matter
Alcohol ContentRoughly 33.33% or 66.67 proof