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Caribou Lou

Cocktail submitted by methyltryp on 08-31-06

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A fruity drink with a sensational kick. Brought to fame by the fine rapper Tech N9ne. Only drink if you've already given your keys to your designated driver, and are ready to deal with the consequences in the morning.

 Servings: 1  Change
 Bacardi 151 Rum, 1 oz.
 Malibu Rum, 2 oz.
 Pineapple Juice, 0 other

Over ice, pour ONE (1) shot of Bicardi 151, TWO (2) shots of Malibou Rum, and then Pineapple Juice to taste (I prefer it in a short glass, but most perfer a tall glass to help assuage the 151).

Serve InGlass ImageOld-Fashioned Glass
Alcohol ContentRoughly 49.17% or 98.33 proof