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Shooter submitted by dmoney on 08-28-06

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Over throw your own empire!

 Servings: 1  Change
 Orange Juice, 0.33 cup(s)
 Amaretto, 0.5 oz.
 Llords Root Beer Schnaaps, 0.5 oz.
 Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, 1 oz.

This is a drop shot:

Fill a high ball glass about 1/3 full of orange juice. Pour a shot glass 1/2 full of ameretto and then fill the other half of the shot glass with root beer schnapps. Empty out that shot glass into the orange juice. Now, refill your shot glass with Jack Daniels and drop the shot glass into the the mixture of orange juice, ameretto and root beer schnapps. Take the glass put it to your lips and race to the bottom...works better with friends. Last man finished gets a nice punch to the shoulder or buys the next round!

Serve InGlass ImageHighball Glass
Alcohol ContentRoughly 13.79% or 27.59 proof