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Dark and Stormy

Cocktail submitted by BurningSkies on 08-14-06

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The love of my life, and the 'official' drink of Bermuda. The Dark and Stormy is the perfect blend of island flavors and is guaranteed to add the 'island spirit' to any occasion! A mix Gosling's Blackseal rum and spicy ginger beer with a hint of lime...the recipe is quick and unfussy...perfect to keep you out of the kitchen and enjoying the sun, moon and balmy breezes. It's also ideal for those clumsy or inexperienced mixologists, with 3 ingreedients you can't go wrong!

 Servings: 1  Change
 Goslings Blackseal Rum, 1 shot(s)
 Lime Wedge, 1 squeeze(s)
 Ginger Beer, 0 other

-Fill your highball glass with ice.

-Add one shot of Gosling's Blackseal rum (don't cheat! Gosling gives the drink its unique flavor).Add more rum to taste if desired.

-Squeeze in a wedge of lime.

-Top the glass off with ginger beer (spicier the ginger beer the better!).

Serve InGlass ImageHighball Glass
Alcohol ContentRoughly 40% or 80 proof