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99 Apples

Cocktail submitted by TheCIASentMe on 07-10-06

Rated 6 after 1 votes Teh ratingz.

Very simple and sweet drink. Fairly dangerous to give to someone if they don't know how powerful it is as you can barely taste any alcohol if mixed properly.

 Servings: 1  Change
 99 Apples, 3 oz.
 Melon Liqueur, 1 splash(es)
 Wink, 10 oz.

Pour two jiggers of 99 apples into a pint glass and follow it up with 10 Oz of Wink Soda. Any Apple Liquer will substitute for 99 apples and Wink is a common grapefruit and lemon-lime based soda. Finish with a splash of Melon Liqueur.

Serve InGlass ImagePint Glass
Alcohol ContentRoughly 11.42% or 22.85 proof