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French Martini

Cocktail submitted by Johno on 07-04-06

Rated 8 after 2 votes Teh ratingz.

Extremely tasty and quite potent with it's full shot of vodka, absolute hit with girls but I secretely love it and make it at home or order it when I'm out all the time.

 Servings: 1  Change
 Absolut Vodka, 30 ml.
 Chambord, 30 ml.
 Pineapple Juice, 60 ml.
 Limes, 1 squeeze(s)

Simply combine 1 shot (30ml) of the Vodka of your choice with 1 shot (30ml) of Chambord Rasperry Liqueur and 2 shots (60ml) of pineapple juice in a boston glass. Some, including me like a squeeze of lime as well, others suggest a dash of Paraiso Lycheť Liqueur. Shake vigorously until froth from the pineapple juice appears, strain into chilled martini glass. Optionally rim the glass with sugar.

Serve InGlass ImageCocktail/Martini Glass
EquipmentBoston Shaker
Alcohol ContentRoughly 14.13% or 28.25 proof