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Cocktail submitted by anabatica on 07-01-06

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Known as a Paralyzer in Western Canada, this drink combines vodka (some use tequila instead), coffee liquer, milk, and Coca-Cola. Don't be weirded out by mixing pop and milk - think of it as an alcoholic Coke float!

 Servings: 1  Change
 Western Vodka, 1 oz.
 Kahlua, 1 oz.
 Milk, 5 oz.
 Cola (Coke, Pepsi, etc.), 1 oz.

To a highball glass filled with ice, add the vodka, and kahlua. Fill the glass 3/4 full with milk, then top with a splash of Coke. A cherry is an optional garnish.

Serve InGlass ImageHighball Glass
Alcohol ContentRoughly 8.31% or 16.63 proof
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Buddy Imageebbinghaus (08-05-06)

Wow.. so this is why I got confused looks when I went down to the States and requested this. Now I know what to ask for!