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Irish Car Bomb

Beer Based Drink - DrinkingBuddy.org Admin Submitted

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A delicious treat combining two Irish traditions: Making awesome alcohol and drinking the hell out of it.

 Servings: 1  Change
 Guiness Extra Stout, 8 oz.
 Jameson Irish Whiskey, 1 oz.
 Baileys Irish Cream, 1 oz.

Fill a pint glass half full with Guinness. Float the Irish Cream on top of the whiskey in a shot glass. When ready drop the entire shot, glass and all, into the pint and drink quickly. If you don't get it down fast enough the cream will curdle.

Serve InGlass ImagePint Glass
Alcohol ContentRoughly 9.7% or 19.4 proof
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Buddy Imagejetsonian (03-02-06)

I don't know where this whiskey comes in in this drink and the amounts aren't. Should be ~8oz of Guiness.

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Buddy Imagegeeves (03-06-06)

Guinness Draught, not Extra Stout.

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Buddy ImageZnorps (07-06-06)

I love this drink. Tastes great, but drink em slow. They takea little while to kick in and you can curdle your guts if you don't pace yourself.

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Buddy ImageSeth (08-23-06)

Yeah I've always had them as 8oz glasses, Guiness and a shot of Bailey's. Drop the shot glass into the Guiness and drink fast so it doesn't foam over. Explosive, like the name suggests.