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Cocktail submitted by guppy on 06-29-06

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The grasshopper is a distinctive-looking, minty, bright green cream-based drink.

 Servings: 1  Change
 Creme de Menthe (Dark), 1 oz.
 Creme de Cacao, 1 oz.
 Light Cream, 2 oz.

Pre-chill a cocktail glass before beginning. In either a mixing glass or cocktail shaker, combine the mint and chocolate liqueurs, then add the cream. Shake with cocktail shaker, then strain into cocktail glass.The Grasshopper may also be served on the rocks in an old-fashioned glass, but this is much less common.If cream is unavailable, milk may be used. Whole milk is preferred; if even that is unavailable, lowfat milk can be corrected by shaking in whipped cream.The standard mint liqueur to use in a Grasshopper is dark Creme de Menthe. The standard chocolate liqueur to use is Creme de Cacao. Others may be substituted while preserving the taste, but the distinctive appearance may be lost.

Serve InGlass ImageCocktail/Martini Glass
Alcohol ContentRoughly 13% or 26 proof
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Buddy ImageTheCIASentMe (07-11-06)

I've also seen this served in the following glasses: Coffee Mug, Cordial (obviously halve the ingredients), Irish Coffee Cup, Parfait Glass (double the ingredients) and the Pousse Cafe Glass. A lot of this drink is in the presentation.