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Three Wise Men

Shooter submitted by asurrealist on 07-15-06

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The Three Wise Men should always be among the handful of friends you would want with you in the foxhole any given time. Jim Jack and Johnnie are poured in equal parts in a shot glass. They'll never abandon you, and are always great help to have around in times of trouble.

 Servings: 1  Change
 Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, 0.33 shot(s)
 Johnney Walker Blue Label, 0.33 shot(s)
 Jim Beam, 0.33 shot(s)

Take your standard shot glass, pour a third of Jim, a third of Jack, and a third of Johnnie into it. Raise the glass, knock it back like a professional, and relish the burn, because now you're living motherfucker.

Serve InGlass ImageShot Glass
Alcohol ContentRoughly 40% or 80 proof
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Buddy Imageasurrealist (07-14-06)

These things are great for owning rookies. If someone is having a 21st birthday line a couple of these up in front of em, and clear a path to the bathroom hahahah

Had to change bourbon to Jim