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Teh Drink Grasshopper

The traditional minty dessert drink. Not for Girlscouts.

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As a registered user, you will be able to:
  • Create and submit your own drinks.
  • Rate and comment on existing drinks.
  • Create your own personal Buddy Profile that can include information about yourself, your favorite drinks, drinks you've created, and who your friends are.
  • Leave messages to other users on their Buddy Profile pages.
  • Keep track of what liqur you have on hand in your Liquor Cabinet page. This is an easy way of seeing what drinks you can make with the ingredients you have.
  • Set up your browsing experience to your liking by customizing when alerts are sent to you, how matching drinks are found from your Liquor Cabinet, and if ingredient amounts are displayed in Metric or English standards.
  • Vote on what user submitted drinks should be allowed into the database on the Drinks Pending page.
  • Instantly have drink recipes sent to your mobile phone or email address for remote storage
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