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Beer Pong
Standard starting cup formation.
This is a game of skill that involves shooting ping-pong balls across a table and into cups partially full of beer. The goal is for your team to shoot in and clear all of the cups first. The game is played on a standard size ping-pong table, but in a pinch any size table will do. You will need at least fourteen cups, three ping-pong balls, beer, and water. The game is played with four people, two on each team.

Setup and Turns

  • The participants consist of two teams of two players.
  • Teams are positioned at opposite ends of the table. They shoot for the cups at the far end from their position.
  • Six cups are positioned in a tight pyramid formation as shown to the right. The point of the pyramid points inward. The base of the pyramid is centered on the table and set one cup width away from the edge of the table.
  • The cups are filled roughly 1/3 full of beer.
  • A cup filled water is positioned at each end of the table away from the pyramid After each turn, any bals thrown are washed off in this cup.
  • The teams take turns throwing for the cups.
  • A turn is over when both players have thrown.
    • If both players make their shot, they get an extra turn.
    • Players on a team can take shots in any order or simultaneously.
  • Two times during the course of a game, each team can request that the cups be re-stacked back into the tightest geometric shape posible given the number of cups left on the table. A team can only request this at the beginning of their turn before anyone has shot.
  • If shot in made in a cup, that cup is removed from the field of play and its contents drunk by the scored upon team.
    • If both players make shots in the same cup in the same turn they are automatically given the win and the game is over.
    • If you bounce the ball off of the table and into a cup, two cups (the scored upon cup and one other) are removed and drunk.
  • Once thrown, a balls path may not be impeded upon except under the folowing conditions:
    • If the ball is bounced, once it hits the table it can be slapped out of the air.
    • (Females only) Once the ball hits a cup and starts "rimming" it, the ball can be scooped or blown out before it settles in.
  • If your team's cup is knocked off of the table by either the force of a thrown ball or a team's own drunken stupidity, that cup is considered "scored upon" and taken out of play. However, if a team member knocks a cup of the opposing team's off of the table throgh any means other than a standard throw during their turn, the knocked off cup must be replaced and a cup is removed from the offending team's side as a penalty.
  • Once all cups have been scored upon and removed from one team's side, the game is over.
  • The losing team must now drink all cups left standing on the table.
  • If a team is completely shut out (they make no shot in the entire game) they are obligated to run a naked lap around the host's house.

Drunken Monopoly

Submitted by Sir Davey

To play this game, you will need a Monopoly Jr. Board (preferably, although you can use regular monopoly and divide the amounts by a thousand or something).

The game principle is very simple:

  • Everybdoy starts with the default amount of money. 6$ is usually a good amount.
  • The rules are just like real monopoly, except that when you have to pay, you have to drink. Usually 1$ = one gulp of beer (or half a shot of some stronger alcohol).
  • The money paid to you by other players can be used as credit in case you feel like throwing up.

That's pretty much it. The game stops when everybody's too drunk to go on, usually. The winner is the person with the most money.


Submitted by Sir Davey

To play this game, you will need two dice and a small bowl or small coaster. The game is better played with more than three persons.

Here's how it's played:

  • Each player takes his turn and throws the two dice in the bowl or on the coaster (the "Landing Area").
  • If a die, or both dice land out of the Landing Area, the player must drink the as many gulps (of booze) as the number shown by the di(c)e outside the Landing Area.
  • If the number seven (1+6, 2+5, 3+4) comes out (wether a die is out of the landing zone or not), then everybody must but their fist to their forehead (positioning their fingers in the "surfer dude" position) and yell "BIZKIT!". The last person to do that drinks a gulp. In case it's a tie, the thrower of the dice can count to three and at three, everybody must do the "BIZKIT!" pose again.
  • If the number three (1+2) comes out, then the thrower becomes "The Bizkit". The Bizkit must drink one gulp every time a die shows the number three (for example, if both dice show the number three, The Bizkit must drink two gulps). If The Bizkit throws another three (1+2), he is double Bizkit, and must drink two gulps per die that show the number three, and so on until another player throws another three. The Bizkit is "reset" once it changes player.
  • Additional rule: The gulps must be drank BEFORE the next player's turn.

    Happy Drinking!